'By the Sea' 

29th July - 10th September

Kate's latest body or work is exhibited alongside fellow artists who also share her love of the coast and draw inspiration from its captivating qualities.

'By the Sea' exhibition runs throughout August and Early September at Walford Mill, Wimborne, Dorset

Exhibiting Artists include:

Tide lines - ALICE FOX, AMY COOPER - Porcelain - ROB BRAYBOOKS - Wood - LISA WISDOM - metal landscapes, ALEX YULE - Jewellery - EMILY NOTMAN - Textiles - STEPHEN FOSTER - Glass rock pools - JENNY LLEWELLYN - Jewellery - HEATHER COLLINS - Textiles - LINDA MILLER - Embroidery.

Kate Wakley Textiles 

Textiles & Mixed Media Artist 

Coastal Artist Kate Wakley, introduces a new body of work at Walford Mill’s ‘By The Sea’ exhibition. Extending on her established ‘Today I Will Mostly be collecting...’ body of work, Kate translates her own collections of beach combed sea treasures into intricate 3d forms and mixed media.

“Beachcombing has continually been pivotal in the development of my work. I am a fanatical collector of weird and wonderful natural forms and obscure objects, which are at my fingertips, each time I walk the strandline. Surrounded by collections of natural forms in my studio led me to explore them in more detail. I frequently visualise and connect contours, shapes and textures with textiles and this body of work translates them collectively into 3D and 2D forms. I continually question what explicitly drew me to each object, selected from an endless carpet of sea treasures, which now merit inclusion into my own elite collections. This body of work aims to evoke a similar affinity, through engagement and participation with its audience”.